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Pakistan Earthquake Relief

The official report from Mohammed Ijaz Noori in Sialkot about what they have been doing in earthquake-affected Azad Jammu Kashmir for the past two years.

By Mohammed Ijaz Noori

Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights (PCSW&HR) has done various activities for the earthquake victims of 8th October 2005 AJK, to provide them immediate relief in the shape of grocery, medicines, blankets, warm clothes etc at various parts of AJK. Ater the provision of
immediate relief PCSW&HR carried out humble efforts for the rehabilitation of earthquake victims and established 7 Tent Villages at various parts of much effected areas of AJK. Ater this PCSW&HR provided 283 earthquake proof permanent shelters to those families lost their homes completely at
village Kotli Kari Tehsil Dheer Kot Village Bermong and Village Akhorban - Rawalakot AJK with the financial assistance of local philanthropists and a prominent Korean Organization OBOS “The One Body One Spirit Movement.”

Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights also established 2 mini children parks at Govt. Girls and Boys primary schools at village Bermong for children, it proved very fruitful to bring out the effected children from traumatize situation and it gave good results for children’s mental and
physical health. These good results inspired the PCSW&HR to establish such kind of the parks at other places not only for the children but also for the adults to achieve the same results as per Bermong Children Parks.

Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights initiated to establish the a Public Park at Dheer Kot with the collaboration of Jeweler Association Sialkot and Government of AJ&K represented by the Deputy Commissioner (District’s Government’s Chief) Under the PCSW&HR’s Kashmir Re-Construction & Community Empowerment Program After the Earthquake 2005. The equipments for this park are donated by the PCSW&HR with the worth of 1.8 Million Pak Rupees including installation and forwarding cost etc, approximately 300000 square Meter land is allocated by the Government of AJ&K, area wise it will be a biggest public park of the AJ&K and the Government has also approved the addition of a wild life park, improvement of landscape, tourists huts and a small lake with the enhancement of the land area of this park within next two years.

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