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Stephen is a web developer, Bahá'í, and interfaith activist in St. Paul, Minnesota. He likes to write about religion, social justice, sustainability, science, programming, &c.


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I'm currently employed for a great company, but leaving this page up just because I can.


Web Development: design focused on usability, accessibility, and full web standards, using technologies such as XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (DOM); server-side programming in C#, PHP, ASP; graphic design in Photoshop, Illustrator, the GIMP, Fireworks.

Programming: T-SQL, C#.Net, VB.Net, C/C++, Java, LabVIEW, VBA.

Software Engineering: OO, agile development, N-tier architecture, patterns.

Technical Writing & Research: Software documentation, grants and proposals, newsletter editing/production, statistical analysis, research.

System & Network Administration: Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOSX; Internet Information Server, Apache web server; Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005, MySQL.


Augeo Affinity Marketing · St. Paul, Minnesota

Programmer/Data Analyst (10/04 - 01/06); Lead Software Developer (01/06 - 09/06)

  • As Lead Software Developer (still equally split with data analyst)
    • Gather and document application requirements;
    • Provide architecture and data model diagrams/narratives for new client proposals;
    • Support and mentor the development team in implementing ASP.Net web applications for Fortune 500 companies;
    • Help manage projects and resource allocation;
    • Enforce information security policies;
    • Along with the IT Director, plan long-range architectural design.
  • As Data Analyst:
    • Design normalized relational database schema to fulfill application requirements;
    • Develop T-SQL stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions for Microsoft SQL Sever 2005;
    • Design and implement ETL processes with SQL Server Integration Services

United Religions Initiative (URI) · St. Paul, Minnesota

Consultant (6/97 - Present)

  • Since April, 2004, adjunct staff as Regional Coordinator for North America (originally volunteer and consultant for the central office in San Francisco and for the previous Regional Coordinator).
  • Developed and manage blog on WordPress 1.5 platform.
  • Work with volunteers to promote communication with over 40 local affiliates in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Since 2002, developed and edit a bi-monthly webzine of international interfaith news at InterfaithNews.News.

Businesses Invest in Growth, Inc. · Austin, Texas

AmeriCorps*VISTA (08/01 - 12/02);  MIS Manager & Business Counselor (01/03 - 08/04)

  • Implemented and trained users on customized dotProject web-based project management software (MySQL, PHP)
  • Architect and designer of, including interactive online forms and database back-end.
  • Designed database application to meet the client tracking needs of an economic development agency using MS Access and VBA.
  • Managed two Windows networks with mixed NT and Linux servers.
  • Developed client relationships through outreach, business counseling, and creation of detailed financial projections for client business plans.
  • Received training at 2002 Texas Assoc. of CDCs annual conference, 2002 AEO national conference, and 2003 AEO regional conference in Birmingham.
  • Developed programs, researched market demographics, created detailed budgets and contributed to writing of grants and strategic planning for technology, capacity-building and expansion of the loan pool. Recently won four technology grants valuing over $200,000.

High Energy Physics Laboratory · The University of Texas at Austin

Research Assistant (09/98 - 05/99 part time, 06/99 - 05/01 full time)

  • Wrote C++ and HTML interfaces to extract and analyze experimental data from MySQL database. Documentation served as master's thesis, Human Interfaces to the Photomultiplier Tube Database.
  • Developed programs to acquire and analyze data from scientific instruments, using LabVIEW, Fortran, and C++.
  • Researched efficiency and properties of multi-pixel photo-multiplier tubes.
  • Served as primary administrator for 20 PCs running Windows, Linux, and Unix.

Quik-to-Fix Foods · Dallas, Texas

Intern (Summer 97, Summer 98, Winter 98)


The University of Texas at Austin

  • MA, physics (1/00 - 8/01)
  • BS, physics (8/96 - 5/99); National Merit Scholar
  • CS Coursework: Computational Physics, Database Design, Java (2 semesters), Scientific Computing, Turbo Pascal.



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