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Stephen is a web developer, Bahá'í, and interfaith activist in St. Paul, Minnesota. He likes to write about religion, social justice, sustainability, science, programming, &c.

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This is probably all rather lousy — but what of it? I have fun putting it up here anyway, and feel rewarded when every now and then I find that someone has enjoyed or been provoked by something I have written.

For me, poetry is an attempt to minimally capture raw emotions. I have difficulty letting these emotions out — indeed you'll likely find several poems on this topic. I do not write with much metaphor, though I wish I were better at it. I do write with symbolism, language, and punctuation in mind, and whether the effect is a good one or not, most everything I do in these poems is done at least half intentionally.

The papers are all from class work. Some of them are rather old and prone to errors. I might not even agree with them anymore. But some have found them interesting. The essays and thoughts are just that —short expositions, musings, Montaignian essais, etc. Really, things that just popped in my head and needed a bit of written exploration.

Over the years, I've really been amazed that people find this stuff interesting. Not a huge number, but enough to make it worth my time to keep it moderately up-to-date. The paper on "Know Thyself…" has sparked particular interest. One of these days I hope to write a new version, as my thoughts are somewhat changed with age. In fact, one high school teacher used my paper in his class. While flattered, I was a bit annoyed that he decided to inform me after using it, instead of asking my permission…

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