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Tour for Darfur: Eyewitness to Genocide

February 26, 2006

The Bush Administration has finally begun talking about Darfur again. Read into that what you will, but it means that there is once again hope that the international community will intervene to stop the continuing violence there.

The Save Darfur Coalition is launching a 22-city "Tour for Darfur: Eyewitness to Genocide" to raise awareness of their "Million Voices for Darfur" campaign. Below is a press release from Feb 22.

Pat Buchanan on The Cartoon Wars

February 16, 2006

The name of Pat Buchanan is one I've always found easy to love to hate (in the celebrity/personality sense, not personally). I had never met a statement from him that I didn't disagree with — until today. A syndicated column called The Cartoon Wars goes to show how important it is to keep an open mind and really listen to people, even when their general beliefs are different than your own. Score one for intra-cultural dialogue.

Responses to Insulting Cartoon and Violent Reactions

February 6, 2006

The threats of violence – the rage permeating elements of many Arab/Muslim societies – today reached new heights, with several deaths in Afghanistan and Lebanon and hate-filled attacks elsewhere. In my editorial for February, I wrote that I did not understand the shear depths of this rage. Several friends have correctly reminded me that many societies are still dealing with hundreds of years of Western-domination, colonialism, and economic imperialism. To this, add the repression and manipulation by dictatorial regimes – and you have a milieu that, without even having to resort to a specific belief system, results in the riots we have seen today.

But that is not the full story. There are also millions who decry the violence, who stand up for their faith and say "This is not what the Prophet would have wanted." There are those in the international community who have, while defending freedom of speech, condemned in the strongest terms those who abuse it to the great detriment of the rest of society. In the interest of further promoting a "dialogue of civilizations," as I heard one commentator on the CBS Evening News call for, please read on for a few of the less-well known reactions and stories.

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