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Lonely Yoda

November 19, 2007

Inspired flash video. workplace and child friendly.

I had a dream last night featuring the beginning (sadly not the action) of a duel between Darth Voldemort and Harry Skywalker. Darth You-know-who had a cane for a wand. Yes, they were dueling with wands rather than light sabers. The emporer was hanging around somewhere too.

Presenting: Happy Valley and Mac vs. PC

September 11, 2007

For your entertainment / pleasure, two YouTube links for brilliant entertainment:

  1. Monty Python: Fairytale of Happy Valley, part 1
  2. South Park Mac vs PC

Frog Video; Interaction with Antwerp Police

June 6, 2007

Back in February I made allusion to a frog scraping out its stomach lining. A kind soul has finally found a video of this and I share that with you now. I'll admit its a bit gross, but it makes a great metaphor.

Yesterday was rather busy and I didn't have time to do anything worth blogging about. I did walk around the campus and take a few photos, drawing the curiosity of the Antwerp police as they happened to drive by. When I said that I only speak English and then stated that I was just a tourist who wanted to remember what Antwerp looked like, they went on their way and did not ask me to delete the photos or anything. Nevertheless I only took a few more, making sure not to get any private residences except one unoccupied house that was for sale.

Empires and He Man

February 1, 2007

So many thoughts I'd love to put down here, fun and serious... well, tonight we just have the fun and interesting. In fact, not so much "thoughts" as, well, just links to share. And these are probably far more engaging and worth your time than anything I would write anyway =).

Enjoying My Week Off

September 25, 2006

So I have a week off of work while in between jobs. Got out into the yard a bit today, though not enough for the beautiful day it was. Getting cold again on Wednesday (mid 50s instead of upper 60s), so I better get out more tomorrow.


June 12, 2006

Not your typical Conscientia fare: Skeletor. If you didn't grow up in the U.S. in the 80's, you just might not find the humor in this. But if you did, and you or someone in your house was a fan of the He-Man: Masters of the Universe series and yet have a wry sense of humor, then you just might enjoy The Skeletor Show on YouTube.

Happy Naw Ruz!

March 20, 2006

The Iranian new year, whose roots are in Zoroastrianism and which day is considered holy by Bahá'ís, began today at sunset. Called Naw Ruz in Farsi, it is an ancient day of celebration and formally ends the Bahá'í Fast. Though it is not officially condoned in Islam, many Iranians continue to mark Naw Ruz (also spelled Nowruz) with partying and by jumping over fires for good luck. In fact, I received the following beautiful prayer from an Iranian Muslim earlier today:

May Peace prevail on earth.
May all humans live in Justice.
May God enrich our hearts in Love.
May the angles purify our souls from hatred.


January 5, 2006


(apologies to the Austin American Statesman for borrowing their photo for non-commercial purposes)

I wasn't there (Austin or LA) to see it, but the team I've been rooting for since I was an infant finally won its first national championship of my life, and won it in style. The Statesman has a great photo gallery. Vince Young - you got heart.


October 11, 2005

I had an e-mail just two weeks ago from an interfaith activist in Muzzafarabad, Pakistan (probably spelled wrong). Not a personal message mind you, but a message to the United Religions Initiative global community. And we won't know for weeks or months if that person is alive. Such is the case for so many thousands of people in the rural areas of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

After so many huge disasters, and with so much fear about the economy and winter heating and petrol bills, the need for humanitarian aid is even greater than ever, but with less "disposable" income to go around. But I hope that we can all find ways to pitch in, even if only by foregoing a couple of mochas or dinner out one evening. As a friend suggested, even $5 helps UNICEF. Please pitch in. Again.

Perhaps a silver lining to this tragedy will be a renewed urgency in resolving the Kashmir dispute, from whence came reports of fresh fighting between militants and the Indian army just last week.

Vikings Win!

September 25, 2005

As the final synthesized horn-blast rang through the stadium, what was left of the purple crowd roared its approval of the first Minnesota Vikings win of the year (in 3 tries). After an abysmal performance against Cincinnati last week (37-8, 7 turnovers), the Vikings managed to hold on to the ball for the entire game, run well, and look crisp in the passing game despite Daunte Culpepper’s banged-up knee and the absence of their top receiver, Nate Burleson.

It felt strange to be sitting inside a dome while the weather was perfect for gridiron mayhem: mid 60s, drizzly, and gray. Of course I understand that the weather would be … a bit challenging … in a few months, but it just seems wrong to be playing this hearty sport in climate-controlled conditions. Apparently the team announced this week that they’ve convinced Anoka County (north of Minneapolis) to tax their citizens in order to build a retractable roof stadium. So we’ll get the best of both worlds, but ridiculously at the consumer’s expense (it’s a sales tax).

Two facts you won’t learn watching the Vikings on TV: they have a fight song and they have this horn-blast (alluded above) that plays after every first down.

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