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College Stories Continued

November 21, 2009

"Family" discussion last night started with the tuition craziness out in Cali, and in its meandering way touched on my last post. I was decrying the huge raise in tuition. Their revenue, as far as I know, is not down. Expenses do go up its true, but inflation is quite low. How can they need so much new money? Is there no where else they could cut, without effecting their core mission of education? Some building left half done, some research project that sadly doesn't have full funding?

Graduate School Stories

November 16, 2009

E-mail from UT Graduate School: "Share Your Graduate School Stories". Let's see, which one... perhaps the "story" of negotiating expectations down to 40 hours/week on a 20 hour appointment that expressly stated that the student isn't supposed to work more than 20 hours? I sometimes wonder what life would have been like had I been able to spend more time studying for my classes [don't think it would have made much difference though -- I was in over my head as a physics grad student].

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