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Finished It

July 26, 2007

On the Fourth night, Stephen was finished. Stephen looked around, and he was pleased. For JK Rowling had once again put together a stunning, compelling, engrossing novel about the intersection of the worlds of wizards, witches and wizards. About the horrors of warfare. About growing up, about enduring friendship, about dedication and follow-through. But who really knew what a hallow is? Here I was, thinking until the answer was revealed, about a wide shallow wooded area... but that's a hollow (or copse), not a hallow.


Looking Forward

July 20, 2007


I was looking at that again, though only briefly, as I was thinking once again about my life in the future. You see, in the next year or two I expect a major transition (moving) will affect me, but then after that I have nothing to look forward, explicitly, for the next thirty-five years or more. I don't mean that I won't look forward to many day-to-day activities, but that there won't be further major changes to prepare for or expect. At least at this point. That has me kind of weirded-out. And thus that gets me back into my historical pattern of periodically thinking: "what do I want to be doing in 5 years time?"

New Biography of Baha'u'llah

July 13, 2007


Off and on I've been trying to choose a biography of Bahá'u'lláh and have run across a new entry: Baha'u'llah: A Short Introduction. The author, Moojan Momen, is a consummate scholar; I'm guessing his full background in Persian religious history will provide some much-needed context to events, places, and social currents. I'm looking forward to its arrival in a week or two. Barnabas quotidianus has an excellent review.

Barbecuing/Smoking Tips

July 4, 2007

Since its the 4th of July, it seems appropriate to talk about one of America's favorite ways of celebrating its independence from King George: barbecuing. I didn't actually do that today, in fact I didn't even take the day off. I worked at home so that I can have next Monday off — July 9th is the commemoration of the Martyrdom of the Báb in 1850.

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