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Will the Earth be Unfit for Human Habitation?

October 28, 2010

Ms. Dudzinski’s 9th Grade English class. Grade: 94. Current observations: I was very into politics (this was shortly before the ’92 election), and somewhere I had learned some demagoguery that would later serve me well in debate class. The overall point I was trying to make was and is sound, but on rediscovering this recently, I couldn’t help laughing at my (ignorant) scare-tactic of running out of oxygen. And where did I get this "con-environmentalist" term? The assignment was clearly intendended as an exercise is persuasive, opinion-based writing. The lack of citations is irksome.

Twice as Spontaneous: Trail-Building and Texas Music

October 21, 2010

I'm not a spontaneous guy, so for me to do two spontaneous things, out of schedule, in the same week, feels quite liberating! And it is a good reminder that letting myself become too regimented is a sure sign that I'm being pulled too far into the rat race, into the humdrum existence that I've always dreaded. Building a trail and listening to Texas folk-rock are good cures for that.

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